Hear the Voices – November 2020

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Dear Friends of Choral Music at Mansfield University,

This fall semester has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, in my thirty years as the Director of Cho-ral Activities here at Mansfield University! Many of you will have read stories about the risks of singing during this pandemic. You can’t imagine how much I have learned in the past eight months regarding safety measures and ways to overcome them in order to experience choral singing together! Numerous studies have referred to the spreading of aerosols and droplets containing the virus via speech and song. Thus, safety protocols were put in place by the administration here at MU providing wise guidelines to follow for the making of music, both choral and instrumental, this fall. Our students have followed them with dedication and commitment. They want to be making music in the Butler Music Center!

Since August 17, our choral/vocal ensembles have been meeting with these protocols: always wearing a mask, distancing at least six feet apart (side to side and front to back), in appropriately sized rehearsal spaces depending upon the number of singers in the ensemble; and with limited thirty-minute rehearsals followed by airing out the space afterwards. Knowing these guidelines, I purposefully programmed half the amount of repertoire we usually sing in a semester. The decision has provided more time to study the message of the text as well as the history and background of the composition in greater detail.

I am so proud to present the culmination of these rehearsals in a program entitled “With Liberty and Justice for All.” It features fifteen songs sung by five choral ensembles. Even though the singers perform with masks, I am amazed at the clarity of the diction!

The concert can be seen on our new Music Department YouTube Channel
Here is the link to the new Mansfield University Music YouTube Channel!

You might want to include it in your browser so that you can watch numerous concerts held at Mansfield as we now can live-stream from Steadman Theatre!